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TheChampCoin - TCC 

The trading of TheChampCoin is started from 13th May 2017.

The transaction limits were found only when you transact, that indicate the rules are being tried by the company what limits to implement. Recently they have removed the limit to receive Bitcoin. However nothing in notice for limit of sending BTC is stated.

In the meantime the value of ChampCoin had fallen from .00011000 to .00002350 in last one week. on 10.06.2017  it was 0.00002350 BTC= Rs 4.72

The official web site for "TheChampCoin" or TCC does not provide any developer's tools , any variable to access live value of TCC or to embed a widget. It does not provide variable for past 24 hour average price of coin.

Value of TCC before starting trading on TCCApp


                                         TCC value
Date             Value in BTC       BTC price         in Rs.

27.02.2017   0.0001301000    79700              10.37
07.03.2017   0.0001920000
15.03.2017   0.0002098854    88945              18.67
21.03.2017   0.0002184560    78040              17.05
28.03.2017   0.0002689770    70259              18.90
11.04.2017   0.0002721000    80606               21.93
17.04.2017   0.0002794300    80967              22.62
09.05.2017   0.0001904800  110000              20.95
13.05.2017   0.0002012300  138028              27.78
21.05.2017   0.0002012300  145000              29.18


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The original website of The Champ Coin declared the technology to be POW & POS but practically it is not POW. The new website for the TCC is does not mention POW at all this is a cheating. 

Another trick they are playing is that they don't send e-mail instructions, they only tell you in the form of scroll on the App. So you are left with no proof of what they are instructing. They don't even reply the tickets.